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This week we caught up with them to chat the life of a twin, individual style and their go to pieces: 

Being twins, do you have similar style or are you quite individual? 

Our styles are fairly individual but also have aspects that overlap. Of course there are a number of areas where our styles really converge – majorly at our love of leather, leopard and camouflage print. 

Have you ever accidentally walked out of the house in very similar outfits? 
It happens more often than you would think, particularly when we’re going to the same place/event! 

If you are going out together do you plan your outfits so they match or is it completely individual?

Growing up as twins, we’ve almost always made a conscious attempt to be seen as individuals rather than as ‘the twins’. And so I’d have to say that the way that we dress is completely individual. Also our personalities and styles are quite different, so what we are in the mood to wear from day to day really varies between the two of us. Usually even when we wear the same piece, we style it quite differently. 

You tend to shoot more individually than as a duo. Do you shoot each others looks? 
Yes! We just about always shoot together. We find that we each best understand what the other is looking for in terms of types of shots and we’re after, and the angles that flatter the other best! Plus it is so much more comfortable shooting with someone who knows you so well. 

Tasfia recently moved states to continue studying … what is the longest you have gone without seeing each other? How do you make sure you don't buy the same clothes!? 
Two weeks! And that was hard enough considering that for the past twenty-one years we’ve invariably had the other to lean on and depend on. As much as we love shopping, we’re not impulsive buyers. If we like something we spot in store or online, we’ll most probably not buy it out on the spot and shoot the other twin a quick text for a second opinion before buying! 

Photo Credit: Fabliha and Tasfia of Inside In, Inside Out

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  1. I really am a fan of them and consider them my style icons! They really opened up more doors for me — labels wise, and now, I`ve discovered your brand as I notice they are always wearing your pieces :)

    ROUGH & TOUGH | I`m on Bloglovin!



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