Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Shakuhachi x Substance: The Essentials

This week Shakuhachi caught up with the sports luxe Queen, Ally Carey from Substance to get the low down on her Summer check list. We chatted all things fashion and lifestyle with the gorgeous beach babe. 

S: How long have you been blogging for?
A: I have been blogging for just over three years. My first blog was called Unknown Pleasures, then this year in April I decided it was time for a new chapter so I rebranded as Substance (blog). Both are Joy Division albums so I guess you could say Substance is a new chapter of Unknown Pleasures.
S: There are so many bloggers, how did you get your blog out there? 
A: My imagery plays a big part in separating me from other bloggers. We aim to represent brands in the most professional way possible and I think people love coming back each time to Substance to see how we’ve captured the next post.

S: What trend are you loving right now? 
A: I am crazy for sportsluxe. I am so glad it’s sticking around, I just can’t get enough! Seriously, it’s so good!

S: Item on the top of your Summer 'wish list'?
A: I wouldn’t mind if Santa brought me Shakuhachi's 'Rubber Bikini'. With that, I think i’ll be set.

S: What do you do when you are not blogging?
A: If I’m not blogging I am probably either at the beach, drinking coffee, working or catching up with people! Now that we’re in NSW i’m finding it fun discovering new places to go, eat, etc!

S: What is your favourite thing about living on the coast? 
A: We live such a cruisey lifestyle and have great locations for shoots right outside our door step. We aren't too far from the city either. We really have the best of both worlds! 

S: Summer Essentials?
A: Sun cream - I burn way too easily! BB cream to keep it light rather than make-up and a floral loose fitting dress to throw over swimmers as well as denim cut offs. 

S: Summer body secret?
A: My main focus is healthy eating and then exercising - they go hand in hand. I eat a fairly balanced diet usually.

S: Fitness plays a huge part in your life. What is your exercise regime? 
A: I love my fitness. Jonathan (my fiance and the guy behind the camera) trains me. We exercise 3-4 times a week together just at home - we’re not a fan of gyms. It’s so nice, we train outside in the fresh air after being cooped up in doors all day.

Throughout the week I’ll work out my upper and lower body as well as throwing in some cardio.

S: Everyone has a guilty pleasure ...
A: Lollies! I am the worst. Absolutely no self control when it comes to them.

S: Favourite Summer holiday destination?
A: We’re trying to plan a holiday to Tasmania for December and then our Honeymoon to the UK/Europe next year which I am hanging out for. We want to do the countryside of Ireland, Scotland etc - it’s going to be a rad trip.
S: Lastly, something we don't know about Ally Carey?
A: No one in my family calls me Ally. They all call me Budha!

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Photo Credit: Jonathan x Substance Blog 

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