Friday, 28 June 2013

How Two Live for Shakuhachi Vintage

 In between soaking up the sun, drinking cocktails by the pool and shopping up a storm our favourite bloggers, Jess and Stef from How Two Live took the time out to shoot our Shakuhachi Vintage Campaign and hang out with Shakuhachi designer, Jessie White. 

We caught up with the pattern clashing, platform loving, rainbow wearing, all round cool chicks to talk travel essentials, their love of vintage and what's next for HTL.

How Two Live with Shakuhachi Designer, Jessie White

How Two Live with the Shakuhachi Design Team

Shak: You recently travelled to Bali. Where has HTL taken you so far in the world?

HTL: We were in Paris for fashion week last year which was insane. We've also been to London, LA, and Hawaii over the past six months. We’re heading to New York for fashion week this September, and then planning Mexico at the end of the year. Our ultimate would be Tokyo, so hopefully that’ll be on the cards soon!

Shak: When packing for a trip do you plan HTL outfits together ?

HTL: We’re not really organised packers. We just open two huge suitcases, shove everything we own in them and deal with it once we’re over there! We used to plan our co-coordinating outfits, but we're finding now that the coordination happens organically ... not always on purpose!

Shak: Number one travel essential?

HTL: We travel with's our weird plane tradition.

Shak: Favourite place to shop in Bali?

HTL: Shakuhachi ... as if you even had to ask!

Shak: Shakuhachi designer, Jessie White and our design team are based in Bali. Whilst you were there you spent some time with them. How was that?

HTL: It was really great! We had met her backstage very briefly at your MBFWA show so it was awesome to have the chance to sit down over dinner and get to know her properly. They took us for a drink at Potato Head which was super cool. We've heard all our friends rave about it!! It’s a day club that’s literally half the size of a football field and they make the most incredible cocktails. They also took us to a cafe in Seminyak called Anomaly which, we loved ... with the food and coffee we almost could have been in Melbourne.

Shak: Whilst in Bali you shot our latest 'Shakuhachi Vintage' campaign. Do you like combining vintage clothing with the latest trends?

HTL: That's something we do a lot of. We definitely get into the trends and wear a lot of current season clothing, but we find that throwing a little vintage into the mix will ensure that what you're wearing is completely unique.

Shak: Do you have a favourite piece from our vintage collection?

HTL: Well, we love it all but we live in our Gypsy Sweater Dress.. there pretty much isn’t a day where one of us isn’t wearing it.

Shak: You own a lot of vintage Shakuhachi already. Do you recall your first Shakuhachi piece?

HTL: Of course! It was the most amazing purple layered pinafore… we haven’t seen it in a while but it’s definitely buried in our wardrobe somewhere, we would never get rid of it!
Shak: Your wear a lot of DIY creations - especially accessories. Any plans to design a line of your own?

HTL: We have a lot of fun customising our sunglasses and shoes and would definitely love to design a line of our own one day. We're currently collaborating on a shoe line which, we could not be more excited about ... details will be revealed soon!

Shak: Lastly, what is next for HTL?

HTL: We've been juggling our time between so many projects lately that we feel like we haven't had enough time for blogging so, we've already started to bring focus back to our blog. Other than that we've got plans to travel (a lot), do more collaborations and, hopefully expand our following more overseas.
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